How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook?

MS Outlook is a widely used application, it allows users to send/receive emails from the desktop. But sometimes users end up deleting their emails permanently. So, we will help you to know how to recover deleted emails in Outlook in 2010. As per our test results, the methods applied here can be used in all versions of MS Outlook. To recover deleted outlook email you must read this article thoroughly. 

Permanent deletion of email messages is a common issue that users can commit while working. But these deleted files could be recovered properly if you follow the given steps.

How to find deleted emails in Outlook?

Before you start with the recovery process in Outlook, you must know where these deleted emails are located in Outlook. By default, the deleted emails are moved to the Trash folder in Outlook. Moreover, the deleted items stay in the Trash folder for at least 30 days, yet you must not take things lightly.

Furthermore, Office 365 support site states that if you are not using an Exchange account to configure IMAP or POP configuration, then you might face trouble in the recovery process. Likewise, without an Exchange Online account, you cannot recover an item that is permanently deleted or even purged from the Deleted Items Folder. Comparatively, with an IMAP account, you can recover deleted emails easily from the Trash Folder. In the next section, we will discuss, how to recover deleted emails in Outlook.

Recovering Deleted Outlook Emails

You need to follow the given methods, once you have permanently deleted your Outlook Inbox emails:

Move Trash items to Inbox

Once an item is deleted from Inbox, then it is sent directly to the Trash folder. To move items out of the Trash folder, follow the given steps:

  • Run the MS Outlook application.
  • Tap on your account ID and open the Trash subfolder.
  • Now, select all email messages and right-click to open the options box. Go to Move >> Other Folder to move items to the desired folder.
  • In the next dialog box, select the Inbox folder and click Ok.

You can now check; the mails have been recovered to your desired folder. But if you face the problem of how to recover deleted emails in Outlook. Must read the next section if you still face issues while retrieving deleted emails Outlook 2010.

How to Recover Deleted Email in Outlook 2010?

Many Outlook 2010 users face these issues recently, so let’s see how to recover emails from Outlook in any version. Once emails get deleted, you can follow the given steps:

  • Start MS Outlook application on your Windows system.
  • Open the File menu and click on the Info option.
  • Tap on the Mailbox Cleanup button. From the drop-down select the Mailbox Cleanup option.
  • In the next dialog box, check the option; Find items older than and click Find.
  • In the advanced find dialog box, look for Any type of Outlook item from the drop-down. Then tap on Browse.
  • Select Account ID >> Gmail and then choose Trash subfolder. Click Ok to proceed.
  • Now, tap on Find Now option. All deleted emails will be displayed button side of the wizard.
  • Here, select all deleted emails and right-click on them to go to the Move option >> Other Folder.
  • Select the folder you want to Move Items and click the Ok button to finish the process.
  • Check your Inbox to view the recovered emails.

The above-given steps will help users in restoring deleted emails Outlook. However, to justify the issue of how to recover deleted emails in Outlook you have to read the next methods.

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How To – Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook 2010?

Maximum Outlook users are facing a problem like restoring permanently deleted emails in Outlook 2010. So, I will tell you the ways to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook. Just for clarity, the permanently deleted emails are stored in the recycle bin of Outlook that can be recovered from there. However, you can make a backup of Emails after recovering them to your Inbox. Therefore, follow the steps as described below to recover deleted emails.

Best Way to Recover Permanently Deleted emails

To recover deleted mails from Outlook, you must follow the given process thoroughly:

  • Log in to MS Outlook.
  • Select the Deleted Item Folder. If there are no files in the folder, then the files must be permanently deleted. 
  • Click on the Folder tab from the panel and tap the Recover Deleted Items option. 
  • Here, choose the required deleted emails and tap on the Recover button located on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Outlook will start recovering the deleted emails. Here, you can check your recovered emails in the Deleted Items Folder.
  • Now, select the mail messages and right-click on them to move them to the desired folder.

Using the above procedure will help you in resolving the issue of how to recover deleted emails in Outlook. Likewise, there are some drawbacks to the methods provided.

Limitations to the Given Procedures

So here, we check what are the limitations of using the given methods:

  • The steps could be lengthy and require technical knowledge.
  • Using the above steps may not possibly recover all the emails deleted from your Inbox.
  • You must have an IMAP or POP account configuration.

The above procedures may have some drawbacks that keep you from justifying the issue of how to recover deleted emails from Outlook. So, for conducting a simple conversion process you must use a PST Recovery tool.

Outlook PST Repair to Restore Deleted Outlook Emails

Many users use the LMbyte Outlook PST Repair tool to resolve the issue of how to recover deleted emails in Outlook 2010. It is a user-friendly software that can repair corrupted and damaged PST files without any data integrity. The Outlook PST Repair tool can also restore Outlook email items like Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Distribution groups, and more. The tool can recover any Password Protected and Encrypted PST Files. Moreover, a user can convert a PST File to MBOX, MSG, DBX, EML, etc file formats. The Outlook PST Repair software supports all versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS. 

Summing Up

Outlook PST files are prone to corruption once in a while, which can cause deletion of important files and folders. Sometimes, users face the issue like How to recover deleted emails in Outlook, so we have provided step by step procedure. Users can recover emails from Outlook 2010 but may not be sure of data integrity. So, they might face issues while recovering files directly from Outlook. To save file data and make the conversion process easier the user must use a PST recovery tool.